Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writing analytic approach - current challenge

Having reworked the literature review several times, and started analysing the potentially richest moments in the data recordings (two composers working out how they will write the same soundtrack for the dance film piece that they are collaborating on), I have reached a point where a tidy analytic rational is needed.

So research questions are revised:

How is the process of collaborative creativity mediated by social and cultural contexts when computer-based music composers collaborate with each other and peers from other disciplinary backgrounds, in small group settings and across time. 


...more specifically...

How are contextual resources used by the students to develop a shared meaning of what they are making together over time within and across different creative disciplines?

How is the process of co-constructing creative work mediated through an interrelationship with the tools used? ('tools' needs clarification: physical tools such as the studio but also conceptual tools linked to creative disciplines i.e. styles of dance, composition philosophy or sound theory)

How does talk shape the genesis and negotiation of creative contributions in different contexts and across time in socially mediated creative collaboration.  (Language is a psychological tool that mediates joint activity)

If these questions interest you I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I've developed an analytic method that looks at the incremental moment-by-moment events to understand what is happening and this approach is stimulated by research that focusses on process in creativity in other (mainly music making) situations. This should reveal a more macro-level perspective of how creative work can be mediated by collaboration over time. 

The document I'm working on now has to show the following:
  • What I'm interested in (the above) 
  • What analytic choices I've made and what theoretical ideas, materials and theories have motivated them - so what they connect with. 
  • What is distinct about my contribution

Useful exercise I think for anyone dealing with a large amount of data. 

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