Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being in a community - #Phdchat

For some time I've worked in a fairly isolating way - I'm a part-time PhD student with the Open Uni who lives too far away from Milton Keynes to attend a lot of the seminars and workshops that are presented there.
Having made more of an effort to find others with similar research domains and interests locally however I see huge benefit in being involved in communities.
One particularly interesting development came out of some chance meetings with a fellow part-time PhD student who works at the same University as me. I'm excited to have the opportunity to meet again and talk about our respective work however she pointed me towards twitter...


Do a search for this on twitter.
There is a group that meet on Wednesday evenings 7.30 for an hour. I wish I wasn't busy at that time.

Also visit to vote on the topic that is to be discussed. 

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