Thursday, March 17, 2011

Software for Research

I've used a range of software packages (beyond the obvious) over the last few years. I might review some of them if anyone is interested in anything specific so this is just a list for now.

Scrivener -
NVivo -
Transanna -
Audacity -
Selfcontrol -

Scrivener is extremely interesting and I'll publish a blog post on that at some point soon.

It is a tool for writing large documents (play, book... thesis). It works well for people who need to navigate a lot of materials and keep them stored in one place. Considering the price in particular I would urge anyone writing a thesis to think seriously about using it. Actually, I picked this up from observing how music postgrads and post-docs in our department work. 

More soon!

Please contact me with questions since I would rather post things here that you're interested in than throw paint at the wall. 

tra for now. 


  1. Adam always raves about Scrivener, I think I see why now. I use Evernote for keeping notes and tagging ideas, it's fantastic, but it's awful for actual writing (terrible text editor implementation, only usable for quick notes...) If only I could access Scrivener (iPhone etc) like I can Evernote I'd switch in a second.

  2. I started to use Evernote but found it limiting on my phone. Perhaps maybe you could show me how you use it some time? Scrivener works well for navigating across information but it is only as good as your archiving system... and I regret that mine isn't a little better. I agree - it would be good to be able to at least post documents from the phone to scrivener... not sure it'd be possible to navigate it though.