Thursday, March 17, 2011

PhD Blogging

I've changed the function of my general blog - because the PhD takes over pretty much everything... so I've decided that it is about time I develop it as a research blog!

Things to be thrown at the keyboard in the coming weeks:

- links or good advice I've had
- thoughts about my research (eureka moments, spirit crushing experiences, stories, and reflections on creativity as I push through a mountain of audio and video recordings)
- info on writing and method related tools I'm using

basically, anything I think that might be useful and/or just interesting to other PhDers. 

So my first enjoyment as a PhD student is PhD Comics (above). Well it makes me smile almost as much as watching my cat looking for mice in and behind my laptop after 5 minutes of mouse videos on youtube. 

As you can see - I work hard!

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