Thursday, December 15, 2011

Call for papers - women in sound art

Care of Lisa Whistlecroft :For info: An Austrian on-line magazine is calling for articles on the topic "Women in Sound Art". Submit essays in English or German. Deadline 26 March 2012. E: WEB:
Translation of call (thanks to Thomas Schmidt) reads: 'Sound Art is an area of New Music in which an especially large number of female musicians and performers are active. We want to pursue the question of why Sound Art is more feminine than other areas of New Music; we want to portray its female protagonists and analyse their music.'


  1. Hi there. Did any of these essays/articles get published? I would love to read if so. I have just created a blog celebrating the Work of Women within Sonic Art: an expanding archive promoting equality in the Sonic field - Thanks, Holly Jarvis.

  2. Hi Miss Jarvis, thank's for your message and link. What a fantastic blog! You might want to contact Lisa directly though as I'm afraid I don't know. You can find me, and Lisa on Facebook. If you have trouble post here and I'll put her in touch with you. Best wishes, Liz